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Your marketing & design team: all in one.

No, we're not a major agency, but we've worked for them. We've worked on the brand side, and for tech startups too. Now, we've started our own team.

241 Marketing is your all-in-one social media team.

From content strategy to community management, we can elevate your social media presence so that your customers won't be able to take their eyes off you.

Social Media is always changing, and is increasingly demanding. Brands need to fire on all cylinders to produce content that resonates with their audiences and stands out from the pack. Social Media Managers today are expected to do it all, but there’s no one in the world that’s both a strategic social media manager and creative graphic designer. That’s why the two of us have partnered together, to create your ideal social media partner.

Jamaica Tourism Board Logo - a company Mary worked with.
Hilton Hotels Logo - a company Mary and JP worked with
Hotels.com logo - a company Mary and JP worked with
Dylan's Candy Bar Logo - A company Mary and JP worked at
Bond45 Restaurant logo - a local NYC restaurant JP made art assets for
sophies restaurant logo - a NYC restaurant Mary did Social media for

Social Media Content Strategy

  • On-brand and platform specific social media content planning
    • Instagram (Including Instagram Reels and Stories)
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • TikTok
    • Pinterest
    • LinkedIn
  • Timeline and content calendar
  • Ensure relevance, on-trend and culturally aware content

Content Creation

  • Custom creative asset development (photos, videos, gifs, graphics)
  • Content curation


  • Brand-aligned messaging
  • Custom captions


  • Scheduling and posting on all platforms
  • Increase discoverability through tags and hashtag methods

Social Media Branding

  • Voice, Tone
  • Aesthetics, Style

Community Management

  • Daily on-platform interactions with fans and followers
  • Reactive and proactive outreach
  • Cultivate community with current and future consumers

Track Success

  • Measure audience insights and post performance
  • Identify social media goals that support business strategy

Mary Apesos is a digital marketer and social media strategist with 10+ years of experience amplifying brand awareness and increasing revenue for food, travel and lifestyle brands. She focuses on meeting your business goals by approaching digital strategy from a holistic standpoint.

JP Morales is an experienced graphic designer with a demonstrated history of working with CPG, F&B and media brands. Skilled in illustration and digital design, he creates custom social media content that brings brands to life in the digital world.

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